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Botting Prohibition | November 29th State of the Union

Posted by Scottsterlin, Thu, 29 Nov 2018 15:32:55 +0000

  Hello Runique Players and Friends. A few changes to things here at Runique, and a few announcements to brighten all our days.   Let's start out with the main announcement for this week. Botting is something that has always had a really minor strictness and penalty to it, and due to the result of this poll - https://forum.runique.org/index.php?/topic/802-a-few-tweaks-and-changes-poll/ - botting is now completely banned and there is a much higher penalty for being caught botting/autoclicking. Bans and skill resets will now be handed out to those caught botting. As a general reminder anytime we do take punishment against someone banning, the evidence is 100% and we will never take punishment against someone without bulletproof evidence. All accounts associated with the found bot's account are at risk to punishment. There are clear signs of botting, and we know what those are. Next lets talk about the next update and when that is coming; I know it's been about 4 days since our last update and we should have another one coming tonight, as long as everything passes in Beta and we are able to clear everything up before hand. As another general reminder,...

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