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Report a Player/Staff Member

Posted by Jonny, Sun, 13 Jan 2019 21:36:55 +0000

Hello, We are only going to be accepting reports against players if the report is formally made on the forum. If you message a staff member on discord making a player report/staff member report you will be instructed to make a formal report on the forum.   To report a player please post a topic in this section To report a staff member please post a topic in this section   If a report towards a player/staff member is made, Please provide efficient evidence/information. If you do not have proof, that is okay. We can investigate further into our logs.   This will not only help keep the Runique's organization clean, it will also benefit your report. All members of management can view your report, and cross check them with other reports.   If mass reports are made against one person & evidence is provided we may decide to permanently terminate someones account.   Thank you for reading, Runique Management ...

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