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Runique Release - Welcome Back!

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Welcome back to Runique,

You may have a lot of questions and hopefully this thread answers them for you.


We have been working on this project for a little over a year, for a past server.

This is the original Runique files, a little out dated.

Our development team consists of 3 developers,

2 which have over 5 years of experience developing successful runescape private servers.

Anything that you want created/added to the game we are able to do.

This also includes original content from Runique 1.

Just make suggestions for what you want, we will read them & decide what needs to be polled/added.


For joining back into Runique, we are offering donator rank refunds. Read more about them by clicking here.

You can also use a referral code when joining to get regular donator for 1 month.

The referral code is '1month'.


Runique is here to stay,

We are going to be pushing out updates bigger than you have ever seen.

We have plans for updates such as Raids, Dungeoneering, Grand Exchange, New Skilling, Castle Wars & More.

Some of these are 50% complete or more.


Let us know any feedback/suggestions you have,

Become the beast you once were.

Your time is now.


Join Runique 2 by clicking here

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