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Donator Rank Refunds (Runique 1, RuneLive, Armadyl + MORE)

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Welcome back to Runique.

If you are reading this thread you are probably wondering - How do I get my donator rank back?

Become the beast you once were, play the game you once loved.

Become better than you once were.


Why are we refunding donator ranks?

We believe that if you have paid for your donator rank and a server has closed down that you deserve to get that rank refunded to you. At Runique 2 we believe it is not the players fault for mistakes the owner has made which leads to the closing of servers. We believe if you have paid for it, you deserve to keep it until you have proven yourself unworthy or lost it.


Donator ranks get refunded over time

You do not get your full rank immediately, the system will automatically refund you up to super donator in your first week. Then every week after that you will be bumped up a rank until you get to the donator rank that you once were. This is to keep the game balanced without everyone immediately having high donator ranks. If you upgrade your rank by purchasing items on the store, you will still recieve your upgrade.

For example:

You are to be refunded: Legendary Donator

You will receive Super Donator your first week

If you decide to purchase credits and you are upgraded to a Mega Donator,

your upgrade progress will be increased higher because you made a purchase.

Every week after your first week you will be bumped up a rank automatically by the game until you reach your max refund.


Step 1.

Were you a donator on any of the following servers?

Runique, Armadyl, RuneLive, Ikov 1 or 2, Indova

If yes, proceed to the next step.


Step 2.

You need some sort of evidence of your rank.

Here is a list of what we are willing to take,

YouTube: If you have videos and still have access to the original YouTube channel

Current access to the original server & have proof of ownership

Old messages you have sent to people or screenshots that prove account ownership (with timestamp)

If you do not have any of those, contact us and we might still be able to help you.


Step 3.

Open a support ticket here:


In the support ticket put the subject as:

Donator Rank Refund

Put any evidence you possibly can of your past donator rank(s) on those past server(s).


Step 4.

Wait for us to contact you on that support ticket.

If you don't get your rank after 48 hours, check your support ticket because we might request additional information from you.

If you don't have your rank and don't have a response from us after 48 hours, contact us via email at runique2official@gmail.com or contact a staff member directly in-game or on discord.



Sometimes your proof may not be enough for us to award you your donator rank. By submitting a request you understand that we are not required to refund you your rank. We need to verify that the account had the donator rank, and that you were the owner of the account. We also need to verify that evidence is not fake. We will try our best to help you but in some cases we can only help you to an extent.

We will only refund you your donator rank status to one account.

You can't stack your donator ranks. If you have 2 regular donator status' from 2 different servers we will not combine them to give you the next rank up. You can only get a donator rank that you once had.


Good luck & have fun!

The Runique Team

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