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Runique Player Having Heart Surgery

Posted by Runique, Tue, 18 Sep 2018 20:08:12 +0000

Hello Runique Community, We are making this forum topic to let you know that one member in our community is currently in the ICU and is about to have heart surgery. @Kevin Gates is a Runique player that joined and added one of our developers on snap chat. We saw he was in the hospital on his snapchat story and asked what was going on? He told him what was going on and send him pictures of him in the ICU.   A couple days later... He told us about how his mom wanted to get to the hospital (about 600 miles away) but can't afford the gas money.   After a lot of conversation, Runique has decided to pay the difference for in which she couldn't afford to be able to get to him for his open heart surgery.   Pray for Kevin Gates to have a full recovery! Runique Management ...

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